Dawn, CT

" After the session, I experienced a little detox with allergy-like symptoms, and a little sluggish.  And now I feel TALLER! and like I occupy the space I am supposed to occupy in a room - if that makes sense.  Thanks Linda!"

Maria, PA

“I’ve had sessions with Linda several times, every time my body feels more relaxed and balanced, I sleep much better and my brain settles down. She is passionate, knows what she’s doing and takes her time with so much love and care during the sessions. Thank you, Linda!"

Leslie, OR

"I feel SO light! Like burden-lifted light.  Thank you Linda!"

April, NJ

"I had been going through a lot of overthinking with the change of season, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed  by all that I needed to do.  During the Adrenal Rhythm Reset, I felt a surge of energy.  Post session, I felt much more relaxed and felt that the wheels were not turning as much.  This week I felt really good. My energy has felt even and balanced and I know it has to do with the session you gave me. Thank you so so much."

Conor, CA

"I really loved how you walked through each chakra to balance and prepare the body. It allowed me to feel my whole body as you prepared specifics parts of my body for the rest of the practice. 

I do also love how you went chronologically through different ages as you came up against “blocks” in parts of my body. It allowed me to pinpoint and connect easily to memories and periods of my life. I was able to hear the tunings the whole time which really helped me stay alert and connected. I can see how people would fall asleep but I was way too interested in being conscious during it. 

I really felt a reset after the whole session. Thank you so much!"

Michael, PA

"Biofield Tuning was all new to me, so I didn’t know what to expect when a friend recommended that I make an appointment with Linda. I had wanted to address the knee pain I’ve dealt with for a while, but without medication.  So I made an appointment through her website to do a distance session.  I had no idea what to expect and was amazed when I felt this wave of energy going through me.  I felt very relaxed, in fact I fell asleep in some of my subsequent appointments.  My knee pain is mostly gone, only momentarily returning after workouts, but certainly improved.  I sleep better and believe I’m more at peace in some ways. 

I really recommend Linda to anyone considering using her services.  I’m a true convert to energy healing and Biofield Tuning because it has worked for me."

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