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My Journey

I am a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner with a lifelong interest in natural health and wellness that ultimately guided me to practice energy healing.  My journey began upon the realization that traditional allopathic medicine was not helping me to achieve optimal health, and in fact was not even listening to me.  

Nothing helped, nobody listened

For years, I battled extreme fatigue that left me too exhausted and unmotivated to accomplish the things I wanted to do. Despite this, traditional medicine found me to be in the best of health.  In addition, I had chronic tendonitis in my elbow, and spent a year and a half in physical therapy with no improvement.  I felt like a part of me was lost, and that I was not able to reach my full potential.


Then energy healing gave my body a voice

I learned that the physical symptoms I was experiencing were rooted in emotion.  Unbeknownst to me, deep-seated grief was at the root of this paralyzing fatigue and discontentment, as well as the physical pain in my elbow. Through energy healing, I found a sense of peace, harmony and fulfillment in life that enabled me to move forward and regain the part of me that had been lost.  I overcame the chronic tendonitis, as well as long-term back issues, an over-reactive fear of dogs (and now I am a dog owner!!), road rage, and life-long sinus allergies that had required daily medication.


My Philosophy

The Impact of Energy Healing
Everyone has a natural ability to heal that is far greater than they have been allowed to believe. I use energy work to help clients empower their natural healing ability.  All aspects of life that impact health (physical, emotions, belief systems, attitudes, the environment, heredity, traumatic memories, etc.), are considered to find the root causes of pain, illness, and disease, even before they surface.  

The body's own wisdom has the answers for healing.  We tap into that knowledge to find what is stuck in the energy field and what the body is ready to heal.  The blueprint for health potential is your birthright.  When your energy shifts, everything around you shifts, and new opportunities become available to you. Why not align with your greatest potential?   

Education and Certifications

Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner

  • Biofield Tuning Foundations Training

  • Biofield Tuning Practitioner Training

Advanced Certified BodyTalk and Parama Practitioner

  • Fundamentals & Advanced Integration
  • Principles of Consciousness
  • Macrocosmic BodyMind
  • Bio-Dynamics
  • Matrix Dynamics
  • BodyTalk Access Trainer
  • Parama College 1 and 2
  • Epigenetics 
  • Soul's Journey
  • Eastern Medicine
  • BioPhysical Mind 
  • San Baio Chinese Medicine
  • BodyEcology
  • Body Psychology
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Mindscape

Source Point Practitioner

  • Source Point Module 1 

  • Source Point Module 2

  • Source Point Module 3

  • Source Point Advanced 1


  • Foundation Training

  • Advanced Training


  • Eastern Medicine Meets Western Medicine Energy Healing

Theta Healing

  • Basic DNA

  • Advanced DNA

Access Consciousness 

  • Access Bars

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

  • Reiki Level I and Level II Certification

Yoga Teacher Training

  • 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training 

  • 100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Biff Mithoefer

Temple University Fox School of Business

  • Bachelor's of Business Administration in Computer Science and Statistics

Your potential awaits.

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