What is BodyTalk?
The BodyTalk System addresses the whole-person and their whole-story, using the entire context of their life to understand what their body needs to optimize self-healing. BodyTalk considers all aspects of the human psyche including emotional, physical, mental, inherited, and environmental factors.  No other system is able to address all of the aspects that can impact a person's health and well-being.The BodyTalk System is so robust, it is able to address you at an emotional and physical level in a single session.  BodyTalk is healthcare designed by your body that honors your complete story.  Please visit our BodyTalk page for further information.  
What is energy?
Energy is everywhere and it is in everything.  Energy is what makes your heart beat, your body function. Every cell, every system, every part of your body is energy.  Even thoughts and emotions are energy and have a frequency.  Energy is what supplies the vital communications between systems and cells in your body, connecting every part of it.  Energy is the life force behind every action and every response.  It is what keeps you alive!
Nurture Balance Heal BodyTalk
What is energy healing?
Energy healing activates the body's natural healing ability by restoring communications between energy systems in the body that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance as a result of every day stress factors and experiences. BodyTalk, Acupuncture, and yoga are forms of energy healing.
Does it really work?
Absolutely!  The first time I used  BodyTalk was on someone who dropped lumber on their foot.  They had so much pain and swelling that they couldn't put weight on it and thought it was broken.  BodyTalk not only took the pain  and swelling away, they never even had a bruise!  I was a believer from that point on.   I have a background in information technology,  so I have always approached life logically, based on what I thought I knew.   If I did not absolutely believe in this amazing system and witnessed so many amazing healings, I would not be a practitioner, and certainly would not have become an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. My studies in the advanced sciences of BodyTalk are ongoing, and my growth as a practitioner is continuous.  I am currently studying Parama, the mastery level of BodyTalk.
What personal results have you had?
For years, I personally battled fatigue and had been to several doctors who ran a battery of tests that all came back negative.  I tried exercise, meditation, green smoothies, ginseng, acai berries, vitamin B-12, and pretty much any supplement touted to provide an energy boost.  Nothing helped.  The day I had my first BodyTalk session I felt like an eighteen-wheeler was being lifted off of me.  The fatigue gradually dissapated.   I learned that the session involved the release of grief that my body was holding onto deep in my body’s energy systems.  I had no idea!  I don't know where I would be today if I didn’t discover BodyTalk!  I used to take medication every single day for sinus allergies for well over a decade. I took the last of my allergy medications about 6 months after I started BodyTalk, and have now been allergy and medication free for years. I used to have back issues that meant regular visits to the chiropractor and/or physical therapy. Since I started BodyTalk I no longer have issues with my back and have not had to seek treatment for years.  I have also overcome a fear of unleashed dogs, public speaking, and I don't get angry in traffic. 
How does BodyTalk differ from other holistic modalities?
Other therapies involve a physical analysis and interpretation.  BodyTalk works at a subsconscious level to find where cellular communications in the bodymind have been disrupted.  Biofeedback is used to validate the information, giving your body exactly what it needs to heal without guesswork or interpretation. Therefore results can be achieved more efficiently, and be longer lasting.  No physical evaluation, needles, or tools are required.  Because it asks the body what it needs, BodyTalk can be safely integrated with any other healthcare system, holistic, or medical treatment. 
I do tapping with EFT, is it the same thing as BodyTalk?
No.  The tapping used in BodyTalk is completely different, and is much more than just tapping.  EFT is not a part of the BodyTalk System.  EFT is a single technique that's use is the same for everyone.  BodyTalk is an entire system that deploys many, many techniques, in accordance with what your body's unique needs are for healing.  
How often should I have a BodyTalk session for a specific condition? For maintenance?
The general recommendation for a specific condition is 4-6 sessions, although chronic conditions may take longer.  BodyTalk addresses what your body is ready to heal.  The healing happens in layers as it gets to the root causes of pain, illness, and dis-ease in the body.  If you have been suffering with a symptom or condition for years, it will take some time for your body to release all the layers that contributed to the pain or illness.  For general wellness maintenance, monthly sessions are optimal, or every other month if that is not possible.  In either case, the practitioner will let you know the recommended interval between appointments for you.
Will I receive a diagnosis?
No.  BodyTalk does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat specific ailments. BodyTalk focuses on helping your body achieve optimal health, not a label.  Imbalances in the body are the root of pain, illness and disease.  By restoring balance to the body, the body is able to heal naturally from the inside out.  The practitioner will discuss the balances that were addressed in the session.​  This is often an 'aha' moment for clients when they realize they have been harboring belief systems, emotions, or charged memories from long ago. 
Can I stop seeing my medical doctor or taking medication?
No.  BodyTalk is not a replacement for medical treatment.  If you are seeing a doctor for a specific condition, you should continue to do so until the doctor says otherwise.  Never stop any medications without consulting your doctor.  BodyTalk is complementary to any healthcare regimen, and can help speed healing as well as help to relieve the side effects of medication or medical treatments.  Because BodyTalk asks the body what it needs, it naturally accomodates other treatments, and is therefore completely safe and effective.
Will I need to talk about my emotional issue, or reveal any personal issues?
No.  BodyTalk works at a subconscious level, so it is able to work on imbedded emotions, or past events that you have long forgotten, or may never have been aware of in the first place.  Because we are able to ask the body, there is no need for you to reveal personal information.  When you engage in talk therapy, you able to address only what you can consciously remember, which is just the tip of the iceberg.  With BodyTalk we can address much more at a deeper level (the 90% of the iceberg that is below the surface), to find out what is really affecting your health and well-being.
Does distance healing really work?  
Distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions.  Energy is everywhere, whether you are in the same room, or across the globe.  Please visit our Distance Sessions page for more information on distance sessions.
Can BodyTalk sessions be performed on more than 1 person at a time?  
BodyTalk is very powerful in addressing group consciousness.  A group of individuals with a common intention or shared experience have some of the same energetic threads.  By addressing a shared imbalance in a group setting, each member of the group receives the same powerful healing.  This can be an economical way to experience BodyTalk, and can also help further energy shifts from individual BodyTalk sessions. Nurture Balance Heal periodically offers group healing events.  BodyTalk also works on businesses, organizations, clubs, sports teams, families, or any other type of group.  You may also contact us to schedule an event for your group.
Does BodyTalk work on animals?
Yes it does!  Often times our pets' health can become compromised as they absorb our stresses and emotions. There may be times when the health of a pet needs to be addressed in order to shift our own healing.  Work on animals is done from a distance, for the comfort of your pet, as well as other clients.​  Please see the video link on our News/Eventst page for an amazing animal healing story.  
For more information, visit the BodyTalk and News/Events pages.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at the phone/email below, or via the Contact.  Be well!