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  Frequently Asked Questions  

What Can I Expect During and After a Session? Everyone is different, and your experience and response to energy work will be just as unique. Commonly felt sensations during or after a session include feeling warm or cold, a tingling sensation, a general feeling of calmness and relaxation, a sudden burst of emotion, feelling “lighter”, and abdominal gurgling as energy shifts. Some clients do not notice anything during a session, while some clients notice everything, even in a remote session. The energy is at work, regardless of your sensing experience. Results after a session may be subtle, or dramatic. Some clients experience a major and immediate shift after a single session. Others report a steady overall improvement in all aspects of their health (physical, emotional, mental) over a period of time with regular sessions. Your body’s energy patterns will continue to shift over each 24-hour cycle in the days and weeks after your session, as your body works through the changes necessary to achieve your optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.

What Can I Do to Prepare for the Session? Drink plenty of water. Vibrational frequencies travel through the water in the body. All chemical reactions in the body require water. Being well hydrated supports these processes. Perform the Cortices Technique to Balance your Brain (see last question below).

How Often Should I Receive a Session? As often as you like! You should allow a week between sessions for the energy patterns to shift. If you are new to BodyTalk or Biofield Tuning, you may want to schedule sessions with more frequency. The recommendation for Biofield Tuning is weekly for the first few sessions. In BodyTalk, we are able to ask the body’s wisdom for the optimal time for a next session. Most clients who receive regular sessions in BodyTalk or Biofield Tuning do so on a monthly basis, or as needed. Results are cumulative, so as each session builds upon the previous session, they become more powerful.

How Many Sessions Will I Need? In BodyTalk, the general recommendation for a specific ailment is 3-6 sessions. Some chronic conditions may take longer, as it depends on how long you have been experiencing the condition, and the number of contributing factors at the root. The healing happens in layers, as we get to the root causes at a subconscious level. The symptoms are often the last to go. In Biofield Tuning, the general recommendation to start is 3 sessions, 1 week apart. Biofield Tuning trains the magnetic/electric system of the body to flow in a balanced, rhythmic, and harmonious way. Long-term issues will take longer to achieve balance. Each session builds upon the previous session, and there are always deeper layers to address. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can receive. Many clients who initially come for a specific issue end up continuing to regularly receive BodyTalk or Biofield Tuning sessions to maintain balance and harmony, as they find they feel goood, more grounded, and are better able to handle life stressors.

What Self Care Should I Do After the Session? 1. Drink plenty of water to help support your body’s healing process. All biochemical reactions in the body require water. 2. Honor your body and rest as you need. Your body will be processing the new shifts in energy patterns, as it redirects resources to where they are needed. 3. CORTICES technique (see last question) 4. For Biofield Tuning, it is recommended to soak in a 20 minute Epsom salt bath after a session to help ground, and to help facilitate the detox process. Soaking your feet in Epsom salt for 20 minutes works just as well. Better yet, if you are near the ocean, go for a swim, or a walk with your feet in the water.

What is Energy Healing? Every cell, every system, every part of your body is energy and has a frequency. Energy supplies the vital communications between systems and cells in your body, keeping your heart beating, and you alive. Energy is the life force behind your body’s natural healing ability. Energy healing works directly with the body’s energy to restore communications between energy systems, and harmonize cellular frequencies, to restore the healing process.

What is Different about Energy Healing? Most healthcare systems focus on diagnosis and symptom relief. They view you as a sum of isolated parts, sending you to different practitioners for each body system or body part, and utilizing the same protocol and treatment for everyone with the same diagnosis. Pain and disease are symptoms of imbalance in the body. If only the symptoms are addressed, the root causes of the imbalance will remain. Energy Healing goes beyond the symptom to find energy blocks and re-establish communications throughout the body. You are treated as a whole being, and the treatment you receive is as unique as you are.

Does Distance Healing Work? Distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. Energy is everywhere, whether you are in the same room, or across the globe. Please visit our Distance Healing page for more information on distance sessions.

Will I Receive a Diagnosis? No. We do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat specific ailments. The focus of energy healing is to restore balance in the body-mind. This helps you reduce stress and stimulate natural healing, so that you can reach your health and wellness potential.

Can I Stop Seeing My Medical Doctor or Taking Medication? No. Neither BodyTalk or Biofield Tuning is a replacement for medical treatment. They are both complementary to any healthcare regimen, and can help speed healing as well as relieving side effects of medical treatments. If you taking any medication or seeing a doctor for a specific condition, you should continue to do so until the doctor says otherwise.

Will My Personal Issues Need to be Revealed? No. The beauty of energy healing is that it works at the subconscious level, where past traumas and emotions are buried. When you engage in talk therapy, you are only able to address what you can remember. With energy healing, past events that you have long forgotten or may not have been aware of can be addressed, including fetal life issues and ancestral components. Because the information is coming directly from the energy of the subconscious, there is no need for you to reveal personal information.

What About Preventative Maintenance? Both BodyTalk and Biofield Tuning are excellent tools for preventative health maintenance. By keeping the body in a balanced, stress-free state, you can establish lasting patterns of good health. The recommendation for regular maintenance is monthly, or every other month if that is not possible.

Does this Work on a Group or Family? Yes, in fact working on group consciousness is very powerful! A group of individuals with a common intention or shared experience have some of the same energetic threads. Each member of the group receives the same powerful healing, absorbing the balances and frequencies in their own unique way. Energy healing also works on businesses, organizations, clubs, sports teams, relationships, families, or any other type of group.

Can Animals Benefit from Energy Healing? Absolutely! Working on animals and children can be a profound experience, as they have no preconceived notions or filters. My dog loves tuning forks! She comes to me when she has hiccups because she knows Cortices makes them stop immediately. I love witnessing the energetic shifts that take place right before my eyes. Pets absorb our stress and emotions, so getting sessions for your pet is important. There may be times when energy imbalances of the pet need to be addressed in order to shift the health of their owner.

What Can I Do to Improve Health & Well-Being? The Cortices Technique is a reboot for your brain that calms overreaction to stress. This simple technique can be done daily to promote healing, help your body prepare for a session, and help to integrate the energy post session. Sleep better. Focus better. Perform better. Feel better. Give yourself a 3-minute timeout! Click the link below to learn how!

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