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Distance Healing

"When the hands are further away, the Morphogenic Field is being accessed.  This field uses extremely high frequency energy to replace and regenerate all tissues.  This is how non-local healing is accomplished."

Dr. James Oschmann

The Science

The many of us who have experienced healing from a distance know the positive changes are powerful.  In a distance session, the practitioner proceeds with the session using a holographic representation of the client on the treatment table. The same bioplasmic patterns that would reveal themselves in person appear and respond exactly as if one is present.  

To understand distance healing, think of all the ways energy is transferred, such as cell phones, WiFi, radio, and microwaves. We may not understand how, but we know without question that we can use our electronic devices to wirelessly connect anywhere in the world.  The body is also electric and is made up of electromagnetic fields that extend beyond the body.  Energy based healing works with these electromagnetic fields, connecting our energy to the energy field that is present all around us.


Distance healing is explained by science through quantum physics, and the “zero point field” through which we are all connected independent of time and space. Because of this connectedness, or “quantum entanglement", energy information is everywhere, and everything in the universe is connected.  In 1935, scientists Einstein, Petoskey, and Rosen designed an experiment that proved the existence of quantum entanglement.  Some models of the universe see it like a holograph where the whole is contained in every part. In energy healing, your holograph is accessed through this universal energy.

The Reality

As an Information Technology professional immersed in logic, I was skeptical the first time I received a distance session.  Now for years, I have been receiving all of my healing sessions from a distance!   Distance sessions have become essential in our current world.  At Nurture Balance Heal, all sessions are done from a distance. 

Benefits of DistanceHealing

  • Same benefits as in-person session, with added convenience

  • You can stay comfortable and safe at home

  • You don’t have to travel if you are ill or incapacitated

  • You save time and eliminate driving stress

  • In an emergency, you can immediately receive on-the-spot distance healing

  • You can receive a distance session from anywhere in the world

  • Young children and pets can receive distance healing, without having to travel or lie still

  • Distance healing can be performed on groups (e.g. sports, families, workplace, etc.)

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