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Biofield Tuning

A Sound Approach to Health and Well-Being

Biofield Tuning is a vibrational sound therapy that works directly with your body’s electrical system, using sound waves produced by tuning fork vibrations.   Your body is electric with an electromagnetic field, or biofield, that extends several feet beyond the physical body.  Energy that has not been properly expressed during your lifetime can manifest into physical, mental, or emotional disorders.  This unexpressed energy gets stuck in the electrical field, blocking your natural energy flow.  Through vibration, the tuning forks locate areas of disharmony, creating a coherent vibration that helps the body to retune itself and restore harmony. Habitual patterns of stress are released, allowing the nervous system to reset, alleviating corresponding physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.

All memories and traumas you have experienced are stored in the brain, and in the electromagnetic field that extends 6 feet around the body.  The outer edge of this biofield contains your birth story.  Like rings of a tree, more recent events are held closer to the body.  By moving through the biofield with tuning forks, dissonant energy is found and converted to a healthier coherent energy, through frequency. 

Biofield Tuning Sessions are performed from a distance over the phone, and last for 1 hour.

Standard Biofield Tuning Session  


A Standard Biofield Tuning session focuses on locating and resolving areas of incoherence in your biofield. These areas hold historical information of physical and emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, and ancestral patterns. Tuning forks are used to bring harmony to these areas, allowing you to feel calm, and better able to respond to stress.  

Sonic Meridian Flush

$100   (60-90 minutes)

A Sonic Meridian Flush is a calming therapy that uses the sonic vibration of weighted tuning forks along the meridians and on acupressure points to mobilize stagnant energy, increasing the flow of vital life force energy.  This supports the body’s natural healing abilities, relaxes muscles, stimulates blood and lymph flow, supports detoxification, and induces a deep state of well-being.  

Adrenal Rhythm Reset*


The adrenal glands are responsive to mental, emotional, and physical stress. They can get stuck “on”, leaving you feeling like you are running on empty.  When the adrenals are in overdrive, you can experience fatigue, low thyroid, digestive issues, as well as other symptoms. An Adrenal Reset uses tuning forks to influence adrenal rhythm, helping the adrenal glands function at a healthy pace.    

*This is an advanced treatment that requires at least one Standard Biofield Tuning Session prior to scheduling.  Some recipients feel exhausted for 1-3 days post session, as the adrenals shift into a balanced rhythm.

Your potential awaits.


What Clients Say

Debra, CA

"I had two delicious Biofield Tuning sessions with Linda. Both were over the phone. In the first , I was fascinated at how she saw what I was feeling in my body and used tuning forks to move blocked energy. In the second, an adrenal reset, the sounds of the forks and her calm energy brought me into a deep Alpha wave rest and even deep sleep. Finding such rejuvenating rest had been challenging for months, so this was exactly what I needed. When the session ended, I was so relaxed and yet more energized than I had been in days. What a lovely experience."

Sherri, PA

"Going into the session, I was going through lots of stress and months of anxiety about a work position that was becoming redundant.  After the session I noticed that I am not holding onto stressful situations.  I let them go and move on where before I would think about them for days.  I am happier….. I have been laughing a lot. I’ve slowed down and stopped trying to get multiple things done at the same time."

Bob, PA

"As a sufferer of chronic back pain, I started seeing Linda for her energy healing sessions.   The sessions have helped alleviate the chronic pain.  They have been very therapeutic and even identified other issues I was having.  I always feel refreshed and relaxed after a treatment with Linda.  I highly recommend her."  

Biofield Tuning does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat specific ailments, and is not meant to be a substitute for allopathic healthcare or treatment.  Biofield Tuning is a complimentary therapy that can be seamlessly integrated into any healthcare system to enhance results, and help you to feel better. 

Biofield Tuning may be contraindicated for pregnancy, recent concussions (3 months), medical implants, advanced disease, or end of life.  In these circumstances, the body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox effects.

Biofield Tuning Resources

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