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Nurture the wellness within you.
"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."
- Michelangelo 
Just like the statue already exists in the stone, the keys to your health and well-being are already present within you.  There is a natural intelligence built into every cell in your body.  Your whole story exists at a subconscious level, and your body's wisdom knows how to access it and restore healing.
What would your body say?  The truth is you likely have no idea what is compromising your health and well-being, or what your potential for health really is.  Consciousness-based healing finds the factors -emotional, physical, environmental, genetic, traumatic memories, belief systems, and attitudes- that are blocking your health potential.  At Nurture Balance Heal, we align you with your healing potential to build a healthy foundation, offering you a customized treatment based on your personal story.  The unique needs of your body are revealed at a deep subconscious level, allowing root causes to be addressed without diagnosis.  You are taken to your deepest healing potential based on your blueprint for health, which is beyond mere symptom relief.

Welcome to Consciousness-based Healthcare.  Unlock your healing potential!

Balance Your Brain in 3 Minutes


Daily stress overloads our brain, sending our body’s systems into defense mode.  We feel tired, stressed, foggy, and are prime candidates for disease.  The Cortices Technique is a reboot for your brain that calms over reaction to stress. Sleep better. Focus better. Perform better. Feel better.  Give yourself 3-minute timeout.  Learn more!

Consciousness-based Healing Principles:


The Body has an Innate Healing Wisdom:

Cells continually renew, organs and tissue are constantly regenerated, wounds heal, homeostasis is maintained.

Stress Affects our Health:

Coping with daily stress, emotions, and traumatic events takes our body’s resources away from healing and homeostasis.

Communication is the Key to Healing: 

Every cell, atom, and system in the body must constantly communicate to maintain health. Our healing sessions reestablish communications disrupted by stress, aligning you with the potential for health that your were born with, allowing the healing process to be naturally restored.



BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Access





BodyTalk Access Classes Online!

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                  Learn BodyTalk healing techniques in one day, use for a lifetime!


Recorded Event 

               30+ BodyTalk Experts (my interview is on Day 8)! 


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