“Through Linda's BodyTalk work with me she has managed to help me tackle physical and emotional issues. Such as 2 year plantar fasciitis pain that was not responding to my usual tactics. Over several sessions the pain in my heels went away without the use of daily stretching, shoe inserts, or nighttime splints. Also I had a sudden intense pain in my cheek one day that seemed to be tooth, ear or jaw related that was so painful I could barely open my mouth or chew. A few days after our session I woke up with all trace of pain gone. In addition I have had a soreness in my thumbs for several years that has been greatly reduced to the point of annoyance instead of debilitating pain over several bodytalk sessions. More importantly I think Linda and bodytalk has helped me tackle some of the emotional baggage from a dysfunctional childhood and financial strain of an extended job search. I sort of feel it gave me the confidence and calmness to tackle the job search successfully. In short Linda has helped me naturally heal both body and soul in a way”.
- Anna S. , Philadelphia, PA

"I've found Linda's Bodytalk practice to be immensely helpful in healing my body's issues.  Her unique skills and techniques comprise many modalities.  She has provided intuitive insight into what is causing the problems  and helped me release stuck emotions."

- R.S., Audobon, PA

"When I saw Linda for BodyTalk, my right shoulder was really aching and waking me up in the night.  After the session the pain was gone and has stayed away. Not only was the session  effective, but Linda clearly explained the focus and patiently answered my questions. As a certified BodyTalk practitioner myself, I appreciate her knowledge and her ability to efficiently uncover complex links, which helped me immediately.  I highly recommend Linda for BodyTalk."

- Marty W., Blue Bell, PA

"My 18 month old son Anthony has always had digestive issues. Recently, he got sick vomiting for about four hours. The following week he just wouldn't eat anything! He was still drinking and otherwise was acting completely normal. Linda did a distance BodyTalk healing for Anthony. That night he seemed to go to sleep so peacefully. The next day he amazingly started eating small amounts of bland food. It seemed like he was slowly gaining confidence with food again. Each day he was willing to try more and more of the foods he once ate. Now Anthony is not only eating his normal diet but seems to be chewing and digesting food much better.  Thank you Linda!"

- Sarah, Phoeixville, PA

"I have to give a huge shout out to Linda Hartman, who did "BodyTalk" to help heal the rash that I had on my arm for 3 weeks from the allergic reaction to my tattoo... and let me tell you all, the rash is gone!!  I had been to the doctor, but nothing they did worked. I would try to explain but best to recommend for you to check out  for yourself.  I'm a believer!"

- Jen G. Havertown, PA

"Whenever I became exhausted and worn down, I would start down the path to pneumonia (fever, coughing, lung pain, etc) and have had pneumonia at least 5 times now. My lungs were toast and any stress would trigger a lung problem. I had a chronic cough for over a year and had started having allergy triggered asthma attacks. After about 2 sessions with Linda I noticed that, hey, I hadn't coughed in over an hour. After about 3 sessions I realized that I wasn't coughing at all anymore. I haven't had pneumonia related symptoms or coughing in over a year now and I fully attribute it to Bodytalk."
"BodyTalk is great at getting at those hidden and buried issues that, if left unaddressed, can lead into physical symptoms. On another occasion, I went into a session with Linda in a huge depression that had been hanging like a cloud over me for a couple weeks and I couldn't shake the negative cycle of thinking. I had no idea why I was in such a funk - or couldn't figure it out. After the session, the depression was completely gone and the spiral of negative thinking couldn't resurface. A-freaking-mazing."
- Wendy, Phoenixville, PA

“I have had knee issues for years from sports and heavy lifting.  My knees reached a critical point last summer where, after a long week of working 12 hours shifts on my feet carrying heavy equipment, my knees felt like they were shot.  I had pain, inflammation, and difficulty walking.  After receiving BodyTalk sessions from Linda, my knees are better than they have been in years!”

- Sean B., Phoenixville, PA

“Linda was a great help to me by showing simple ways to bypass limits that had become ingrained in my life.  I find it remarkable how straightforward the process is, and how she was able to address issues in their order of importance.  This is a great way to boost one's own healing process... it's like an outside perspective that's actually inside.  I highly recommend her BodyTalk sessions.”
- Mark V., State College, PA