The Quick Pulse Technique

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The Quick Pulse Technique© was founded and developed by Jo Dunning, world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer and author.  It is a powerful life-changing technique that has changed lives around the world.  This amazing technique uses Source Energy to rapidly rebalance any aspect of the mind, body or emotions that you choose.  The results are often called miraculous as old issues dissolve and joy, happiness, comfort and freedom emerge.

The Quick Pulse Technique© can help resolve most life issues in a very simple and rapid manner. It has been used successfully with a wide variety of items including resolving fears, phobias, restrictive beliefs, physical conditions, low self-esteem, unwanted personality traits, abundance issues, and many other life limiting obstacles.

What do I have to do?
The first step is to think about what you want to change and write down a list of up to 5 or 6 items that you would like to have different in your life.   During the session, you will be asked to think about one item at a time, and how that item negatively impacts your life.   You will never be asked what the item is, or to reveal anything about the item.  Your continued focus on the item throughout the session is a very important part of the process.

How does Quick Pulse work?
When we have a thought, there is a direct connection to the place in our energy field where it is being stored.  As you focus on what you don’t want, the energy follows your focus and moves to clear the stored blockages that are connected to it. The clearing continues to work as it was meant to over the course of days, weeks, or even months. 

What is a session like?
Quick Pulse sessions are done over the phone.  During the session, you will be asked to choose an item from your list that you would like to work on. The practitioner will tell you when the process is beginning, and at that time you will begin to think about the item and all the ways that it negatively impacts your life.  We will both sit in silence for several minutes as you continue to think about the negative impact of the item over and over, until you are told you can stop.  We can address 1 or 2 items from your list, or up to six.  Each item will take anywhere from 2-5 minutes.

What can I expect during the Quick Pulse session?
Most people feel very relaxed during a session.  You may notice that you will feel something lift, or feel lighter during the session.  It may start to get more difficult for you to think about the item, or you may gain insight into it.  Perhaps you will not notice anything.  Whatever you experience is fine, and it may vary from one item to the next.  

What can I expect after the session?
The energy immediately starts working to clear the item.  The energy always does exactly what it needs to do, and may need to clear other things related to the item until it reaches the core reason behind the unwanted item.  The clearing may continue for several days, weeks or even months, depending on the item and how many layers need to be lifted to clear the item.  You will begin to feel more free and alive, as the item addressed will begin to fade away. 

How many Quick Pulse sessions will I need for an item and how often?
There is no need to address the same item more than once, as the energy continues to work on that item and anything related to it.  If the item continues to be an issue, a different aspect of that item may need to be addressed, or perhaps it needs to be addressed in a different way. For example, if you are addressing fatigue, perhaps it is really stress, or grief that needs to be addressed to combat the fatigue, or maybe there is a new reason behind it.

Quick Pulse can help bring about these positive changes in your life:

Remove limiting beliefs

Overcome life challenges

Remove emotional blockages

Ease emotional pain

Eliminate fears

Increase feeling of freedom

Remove feelings of frustration

Increase sense of fulfillment

Achieve goals

Release guilt

Provide insight into problems

Reduce negativity

Eliminate personality traits

Relieve physical pain and issues

Promote positive thinking

Clear procrastination

Ease relationship stress

Enhance self confidence

Remove self-doubt

Eliminate worries