BodyTalk is WHOLE healthcare for the WHOLE you.  Your body knows exactly how to were born that way.  BodyTalk finds all the factors: emotional, physical, environmental, genetic, traumatic memories, belief systems, and attitudes, that are standing in the way of natural healing. How? By asking your body.   What would your body say?
Good Health, Bliss, Peace.  ​     
This is what you experience when your body is functioning optimally, with all of your cells working together in harmony.  Then you encounter the physical and emotional stresses of everyday life.  You lose that blissful state, and your health begins to deteriorate.  Wouldn’t it be great if your body had a built in defense mechanism?  But wait, it does!  
Good health can be yours again!
Your body heals cuts, your stomach lining renews every 5 days, your liver renews every 45 days.  So why do people suffer from stomach ulcers and liver cancer?  The build up of stress and emotion over time causes an imbalance in the body’s energy systems, resulting in failed cellular communication and the production of unhealthy cells.  The cells continue to store the stress and emotion, carrying it forward to the new cells.  Your body wants to heal, and has the ability, but it needs help restoring normal communications to break the disease pattern.   BodyTalk is a form of consciousness-based energy healing that restores communications in the body, so that it can heal itself as nature intended.


At Nurture Balance Heal, we offer you a customized treatment based on the unique needs of your body at a deep subconscious level. This allows us to address root causes without diagnosis, and without just merely offering symptom relief.   We invite you to explore this website to learn more about BodyTalk and the possibilities that exist for a better state of health and well-being.
Nurture Balance Heal BodyTalk

Find the wellness within you!

BodyTalk is healthcare designed by your body!
Nurture Balance Heal BodyTalk
BodyTalk Core Principles
Your body has a natural ability to heal itself. This natural healing process happens continuously within the body as cells renew, and wounds heal

Stress disrupts the healing process by altering the body’s natural balance, causing interference among critical communications


BodyTalk redirects critical resources to restore healing by reestablishing communications that were disrupted by stress
Learn the Cortices Technique

Got 3 minutes?   Undo stress and increase your healing potential!


Our nervous system has a built-in response to danger called “fight or flight” that protects us by helping us to react quickly.  Our body accomplishes this by taking resources away from other systems. Unfortunately, daily stress can cause our body's systems to overract as if we were in danger.  Our brains get overloaded as the body systems responsible for healing are stretched too thin.  We are left feeling tired, stressed, foggy, and are prime candidates for disease.  The Cortices Technique is like reboot for your brain that stops the over reaction to stress that compromises health and well-being.  As the brain calms down, optimal function is restored. Learn more