BodyTalk Introduction - Mind Body Spirit Expo

November 22, 2014, at 12pm

On November 22 at 12pm, I will be presenting a free Introduction to BodyTalk lecture at this year's Mind Body Spirit Expo at the Valley Forge Convention Center. 


Are you Interested in optimizing your health naturally?  Do you want your healthcare system to treat you as an individual with healing needs as unique as your fingerprint?   Do you want a healing system that addresses all of your body's systems to find the healing that is right for your body (meridians, musculo-skeletal, endocrines, genetics, environmental factors, chakras, psychological issues, emotional issues, physical trauma, etc.)?   Are you interested in healing, not merely masking symptoms?   Do you want a healthcare system that helps with preventative maintenance and integrates with other healthcare systems to enhance their affects?  This is your chance to learn about the fastest growing healthcare system in the world!  

If you can't make the presentation, why not visit the BodyTalk Expo booth and experience BodyTalk for yourself!!

BodyTalk in 2 minutes

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