Click here to read "Distance Healing in the Time of Coronavirus - Let's Talk Science" by Dr. Laura Stuve, Ph.D

Experience Distance Healing

Once you have requested a distance session, you will be contacted to discuss.  Nurture Balance Heal distance sessions require the completion of an Intake/Consent form and a recent photograph. Each session will be guided by your body's own innate wisdom, the deep wisdom in every cell that knows exactly what your body is ready to heal and what it needs to kickstart the natural healing process. 

  • Remote Distance Sessions will be performed at an energetically optimal time (you will not need to be aware of when the remote session is performed). There is no need for direct communication while the session is being performed.  You may experience different sensations in your body during the session, or if asleep aspects of the session may be reflected in your dreams. After the session is completed, you will receive a summary recording via email. Sessions can also be done live over the phone at a scheduled time.

  • Live Distance Sessions will be performed over the phone at a pre-scheduled time.  

  Distance Session Process:


  • Complete 'Session Request’ form or Contact us directly to request Live or Remote Distance session

  • You will be contacted and sent an Intake/Consent form

  • Return form with isolated Photo of yourself

  • Send payment

  • Live Distance Session will be performed by phone at scheduled time

  • Remote Distance Session will be performed at energetically optimal time.  You will receive audio recording via email with summary of session.

How Distance Healing Works

"When the hands are further away, the Morphogenic Field is being accessed.  This field uses extremely high frequency energy to repleace and regenerate all tissues.  This is how non-local healing is accomplished."  - Dr. James Oschmann

Nurture Balance Heal utilizes consciousness based healthcare systems that works with the electromagnetic fields in your body. There is interaction that produces an energy flow through the tissues that induces current, clears blockages, and helps to jump start the body.

The many of us who have experienced healing from a distance know that the positive changes are powerful.  To understand distance healing, think of all the ways energy is transferred, such as cell phones, radio, and microwaves. Science explains the distance healing phenomena through quantum physics, and the “zero point field” through which we are all connected independent of time and space. Because of this connectedness, or “quantum entanglement", energy information is everywhere, and everything in the universe is connected. In 1935, scientists Einstein, Petoskey, and Rosen designed an experiment, which showed that quantum entanglement does exist.  Some models of the universe see it like a holograph where the whole is contained in every part. 


Anyone can benefit from Distance Healing:

  • You can stay comfortably at home, saving time and eliminating driving stress

  • It can prepare you for surgery (even while in OR), and help post-op to speed recovery

  • If you are ill or incapacitated, you can stay put

  • If you are having an emergency, you can receive a distance session wherever you are

  • From anywhere in the world, you can receive a distance session

  • Young children can remain at home, without having to travel, or lie still

  • It can be performed on pets

  • It can be performed on groups (e.g. sports teams, families, workplace teams, etc.)

What are the Benefits?

What results can I expect?

Results from distance sessions are the same as in-person sessions.  Results are generally subtle, as we activate the body's natural healing.  Sometimes immediate changes can be noticed; other times changes happen layer by layer, based on what your body requires to address core issues.