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  • BodyTalk Session - Remote Distance - $100  
  • BodyTalk Session - In-Person or Scheduled Distance - $120
  • BodyTalk Matrix Session - $100/$120 
Clinic Locations:
  • Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
  • Devon, Pennsylvania
  • Monday through Thursday 
  • Friday by request
Distance Sessions:
  • Available worldwide!
  • Remote Distance Session at any time 
  • Scheduled via Phone or Skype
  • Click here to learn more about Distance healing 
"BodyTalk is painless and relaxing and Linda is most excellent - a very practical and yet sensitive practitioner."
- Wendy, Phoenixville, PA

BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare™ that understands the profound influence the psychology of the body has on our health. Instead of focusing on symptoms, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of pain, illness, and dis-ease by addressing the whole-person and their whole-story.  The unique emotional, mental, physical, environmental, and genetic factors that are interfering with health are uncovered based on your body's own innate wisdom.  Click here to learn more about BodyTalk.



Individual BodyTalk Session
Individual BodyTalk Sessions can be performed either in person or from a distance.  Distance sessions can be performed entirely remotely as you go on about your day, or at a scheduled time.  Sessions on domestic pets are performed remotely only.  Initial sessions typically last from 60-90 minutes, as we review your wellness status and goals.  Subsequent sessions are 40-60 minutes. 
BodyTalk Group/Business Matrix Session
BodyTalk Matrix Sessions can be performed on any Organization, Business, Team, Group, or Event.  The word 'Matrix' refers to the energetic body that is formed by the collective group.  The session is performed either in person or from a distance, and incorporates both BodyTalk and BioGeometry.  BodyTalk finds imbalances within the Matrix, and restores the balance to optimize how the complex energies work together.  BioGeometry harmonizes the energy to be in better resonance to support the balancing.  BodyTalk can make a profound difference in the energetic dynamics by improving performance, bringing in abundance, improving relationships.  Matrix sessions take approximately 60 minutes.
ArōmaTouch Therapy 
The dōTERRA ArōmaTouch Technique is a clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.  The Technique was developed to address the four systemic factors present in every day life to reduce stress, decrease toxic load, build immunity, reduce inflammation, and create homeostasis.  ArōmaTouch Therapy is a treat for all the senses, as well as the mind-body-spirit, and all levels of health in the body.

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CFT or BodyTalk + ArōmaTouch Session
The CFT + ArōmaTouch session combines ArōmaTouch Therapy with Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT).  CFT releases fascial restrictions of the craniosacral system and the whole body.  By addressing stress patterns that are causing fascial tension strain, the craniosacral system opens and its natural flow can be restored.  When the craniosacral rhythm is restored, the body is better able to heal and balance itself.   The CFT + ArōmaTouch session begins with 15-20 minutes of priority based CFT to address your primary fascial restrictions, followed by Arōma Touch Therapy.  The BodyTalk +  ArōmaTouch session begins with 15-20 minutes of priority based BodyTalk to address your body's healing priorities, followed by Arōma Touch Therapy.
Sessions are 60 minutes.
dōTerra Essential Oils and Products
To purchase dōTerra Essential Oils and Wellness Products, please visit my Wellness Advocate Page:
Purchase dōTerra for Wholesale Prices
The best way to purchase doTerra essential oils is to become a wholesale member (aka Wellness Advocate), which will allow you to purchase the oils at Wholesale prices.  By becoming a member of our team, you will have access to essential oil trainings and events.  If would like more information about dōTerra, becoming a dōTerra Wholesale member or Wellness Advocate, contact Linda at 484-222-0087.

Essential Oils are wonderful gift from nature for health and well-being, that help support the immune, digestive, and respiratory systems, as well as aid in emotional healing.   dōTerra sources the best oils in the world for their CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, producing the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today.  Because of this, I am a Wellness Advocate for dōTerra, and Nurture Balance Heal exclusively uses dōTerra essential oils in all services, as well as for my own personal use on a dialy basis. dōTerra essential oils are used in BodyTalk sessions as needed based on priority to enhance energetic shifts.



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Cancellations, No Shows,  and Late Arrivals:
  • 24 hour cancellation notice is required
  • Please arrive at the scheduled appiontment time to allow adequate time for your session, and for other clients
  • A fee equivalent to cost of service applies appointments that are missed, or where less than 24 hours notices is received
  • With adequate notice, a missed in-person session can be converted to a distance session
    Understandably, life can be unpredictable.  In fairness to all clients, we ask that you please honor our policies.