Welcome to Community Healing Day at the Solaris Acupuncture clinic!  Because we value your health and well-being, we are offering a monthly opportunity for you to sample our cutting-edge healing services for only $35 per mini session!  Join us and let your mind-body-spirit healing soar to new heights!  


This month's services include:  Acupuncture, BodyTalk, Shiatsu, and Facial cupping. 


Call 610-688-2244 to schedule your mini-session.

BodyTalk in 2 minutes


To Learn more about Nancy Radice, click here to visit the Solaris Acupuncture website.

To Learn more about Sue Wood and her cupping Face-lift and Shiatsu offerings, click here.

To Learn more about Linda Hartman and BodyTalk, click here to visit the Nurture Balance Heal website.

      *A free Introduction to BodyTalk will follow the Community Healing Day at 2:30pm.  Register here.