Nurture Balance Heal BodyTalk
The BodyTalk System is a truly holistic healthcare system that works with your body's innate wisdom to restore the natural ability to heal.  BodyTalk addresses the body-mind as a whole to identify emotional, physical, traumatic memories, belief systems, attitudes, environmental factors, ancestral or genetic components, etc. that are disrupting the body's cellular communications.   BodyTalk restores communications in the body, allowing the energy systems to work together in  harmony, helping you to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally in a safe, and effective manner.
Symptoms are the tip of the iceberg.  BodyTalk  goes below the surface  to the bulk of the iceberg, where the underlying causes of symptoms and illness exist.​​​​​​​
State of Healing
Healing happens when all the body's cells are in constant synchronous communication.  No single part of the body functions independently.  Daily living exposes you to a variety of physical, emotional and environmental stresses that cause cellular communications to be compromised, leading to a decline in physical, emotional, or mental well-being.  The adverse affects of stress may not be immediately apparent, but over time these issues can compound to produce serious conditions and disease.  BodyTalk reestablishes communication to accelerate the body’s own healing process and prevent disease.
What Makes BodyTalk Different
Finds Root Causes:  Pain and disease are symptoms of imbalance in the body.  If only the symptoms are addressed, the root causes will remain.  Most healthcare systems focus on symptom relief.  They often view you as a sum of isolated parts, sending you to different practitioners for each affected body system or part.  BodyTalk uses a truly holistic approach to find communication imbalances below the surface, addressing the root causes, wherever or whatever they are, not just the symptoms.
Honors Your Uniqueness:  Each person has a unique story that is like a road map of their life.  Most healthcare systems ignore your individuality, treating you the same as everyone else with the same symptom or disease.  BodyTalk honors your uniqueness by viewing you on an individual basis to determine exactly what needs to be addressed to optimize YOUR health. BodyTalk determines your priorities for healing, tailoring the session to your specific healing needs. 


Healing Focus:  Western medicine is concerned with a diagnosis and symptom relief.  BodyTalk focuses on helping your body achieve its health potential, not just symptom relief or a disease label.
Stand Alone, Integrative, Preventative
Nurture Balance Heal BodyTalk
Since BodyTalk works at a deep level where root causes of illness and disease lie, virtually any pain or condition can benefit.  Below are examples of conditions that have benefited when the natural healing process is restored by BodyTalk:

Anger/ Irritability
Arthritis / Pain / Fibromyalgia
Chronic Fatigue
Colds / Flu
Depression / Stress / Anxiety
Digestive Disorders
Headaches / Migraines
Immune  Disorders
Learning Disorders / ADD / ADHD
Focus / Concentration / Memory Problems
Muscular Tension / Cramps
Phobias / Emotional Disorders
Physical Injury / Trauma
Reproductive Issues
Sports Performances
Surgery – Pre and Post
+ much more!!!
BodyTalk does not diagnose, prescribe, or treat specific ailments. 
Nurture Balance Heal BodyTalk

BodyTalk in 2 minutes

BodyTalk is a powerful and comprehensive stand alone system that can be seamlessly integrated into any healthcare system for the treatment and prevention of illness and disease.  The addition of BodyTalk to existing medical treatments can make them more effective by amplifying your body’s natural healing, helping you to heal faster.  It can also help you to feel better during the healing and treatment process.
BodyTalk is a general wellness modality that is excellent for preventative health maintenance.  By keeping the body in a balanced, stress-free state, you can establish lasting patterns of good health.  Although you may feel good, there is a good chance that you can feel even better, and help to prevent then onset illness and disease.