Online BodyTalk Access Workshop

BodyTalk Access is a revolutionary self-care program learned in 1-day, used for a lifetime to support the health and well-being of your entire family!!

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BodyTalk in 2 minutes

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In the 1-day BodyTalk Access Workshop, you will learn the following techniques:


Reset your brain to improve the communication between the right and left hemispheres.  Improve mental focus and memory, enhance cognitive ability, calm the mind, release tension, improve sleep.  



Reset your stress threshold to keep calm and stop living in fight-or-flight mode.  Manage stress more effectively, and change how you respond to stress.  Improve decision-making, mood swings, mental confusion.

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Correct the body's ability to utilize water at a cellular level.  Improve physiological and biochemical processes in the cells, nerves, and organs.  You can still be dehydrated if your body is not effeciently utilizing water. 



Stimulate the immune system to address viruses, bacteria, parasites, and increase the immune system’s ability to ward off colds and flus. Assist the immune system to address allergies, food intolerances and accumulated toxins.


Reestablish structural integrity of the body to enhance coordination, balance, alignment, posture, muscle tone, and energy flow.  Improve response to injury, arthritis, circulation, spinal issues and chronic pain.


This first-aid system is non-invasive, safe and simple. Healing resources are sent to target the area of injury or trauma.  Kick start healing in any emergency to address sprains, bruises, burns, cuts, heart attack, and much more!

Become a BodyTalk Access Technician!   Your own hands can become your ultimate healing tool.  Use on yourself, family, kids, pets, in the classroom, on planes, in the car, during sports, in restaurants, at work, on the beach ..... jump start the body's natural healing process where ever you are!!

Curious about practical uses for BodyTalk Access?
Click on BodyTalk Access Testimonials & Practical Applications for success stories.

How I have used BodyTalk Access in daily life:

Respiratory Bug

Sore Throat/Sinus Issue

Plantar Fasciitis Pain at Work


Flu Epidemic in Office

Bruised Toes during Hiking Excursion

Muscle Aches from Hiking

Back/Hip Discomfort

Knee Pain from Running

Bloody Nose

Jet Lag

Broken Toe

Difficulty Sleeping

Nasal Allergies

Exam Preparation

Focus During Study/Class

Stomach Upset

DehydrationDuring Travel

Altitude Adaptation

Lack of Energy

Dog Thunderstorm Nerves

Eye Irritation

Yoga Flexibility

Bloody Cut